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Learn about our Glass, Acrylic and Mirrors.

Selecting the Right Glazing for your artwork.

Most people are pretty familiar with mouldings and mat boards when it comes to custom framing, however, many may be unaware of the importance of glazing when it comes to the protection and the beauty of their framed piece.


Maybe you are even asking yourself right now, what is glazing? Glazing is the protective covering used in picture framing; it refers to either glass or acrylic. The glazing you choose is very important. Only Conservation Grade glazing will help protect your cherished artwork, family photos, or any object you wish to have framed.


We know that you choose to custom frame because the piece you are framing is important to you, and the project you bring to us is something you want to enjoy for a long time to come. As trusted custom framing experts, we offer you numerous framing options to meet your individual needs and provide you with a finished piece that has both superior protection and a look to fit your individual style.


We offer several differant types of Glass and Acrylic to fit your needs, and can advise you on whats best for your artwork. Glass and Acrylic each have pros and cons. Glass is generally cheaper than acrylic, is not easily scratched and does not bow, but it is heavier than acrylic and can break. Acrylic is lighter than glass, and nearly unbreakable, it is however generally a little more exspensive and shows a small amount of deflection and will scratch a little easier than glass.  


Glass:                                                                  Acrylic:

 Museum Glass                                                                          Optium Museum Acrylic

 Conservation Reflection Control Glass                                 Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic

 Conservation Clear Glass                                                        Conservation Clear Acrylic

 Reflection Control Glass                                                          Reflection Control Acrylic

 Premium Clear Glass                                                               Premium Clear Acrylic




We have all differant types of mirrors. Flat or Beveled Edged, Framed or Un-framed, 1/8" or 1/4" thick. We can custom cut the mirror to whatever size you may need. 










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